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Topics of the roundtable, January 31, 2012

New political reality had formed in Russia these days when the law could not exist anymore and, moreover, develop being separated from the economics, and same is vice versa. Phenomenon of the rule of law as the factor that in many respects determines the society’s evolutionary development was discussed on the Roundtable in that particular context, including such problems as:

1. Realization of rule-of-law state principles: submission of state to the law; provision of formal equality for all independently from the closeness to power; provision of rule of law as a method to form socially and economically effective society’s model.

2. Forming the new legal (in first hand criminal) policy in the economic sphere in order to protect owners and businessmen form abuse of power that is being dressed in quasi- legal forms.

3. Independent justice (elimination of the mechanisms that made the executive power official out of judge); adequate law enforcement practice as the mean to provide the rule of law.

4. Apprehension of systematic approach ideology to understanding the legal problems with the help of law & economic analysis and legal sociology instruments for making legislative, management and court decisions; provision of Russian legal system model dynamic development in direction to openness to apprehend positive international practice.

5. Legislative and management mechanisms of liquidation such anti-institution as quasi-legal property redistribution, imitation of election procedures, etc.).

6. On the conception of “Law on laws” in order to regularize the notion “legislation”, interpretation of norms of law, determination of the interpretation’s subjects, rules of judicial technic, etc.

7. Attraction of wide professional and public auditorium to the discussion, reorientation of all the legal education system from positivists’ understanding to rule of law oriented understanding.