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Presentation of the international collective monograph "Rule of Law as Economic Factor"

International collective monograph

"Rule of Law as the Economic Factor" (here you can read or download the book in *.pdf format)


Content of the monograph


Verbatim report from the monograph's presentation

In the Beginning Was the Law

Rule of Law Becomes the Most Important Factor of the Country's Development


Such a reality formed in Russia today when the law cannot develop in civilized way anymore being separated from the economy, the same as vice versa, the law (or state law) predetermines the evolutionary development of all the sides of society life.


Mrs. E. Novikova in Nezavisimaya gazeta, January 29, 2013.

The full article is published in the collective monograph "Rule of Law as the Economic Factor". Presentation of the book took place in February, 2013.


Acknowledgment letter from the colleague:

Congratulations!  What a feat!  I wish you all the luck for the roundtable. On behalf of the Faculty, I thank you and your colleagues for engaging us in this timely and important research project.   I will send you the Rule of Law report which I have worked on, with the student researches.


With best regards,

Dr. Nandini Ramanujam

Executive Director, Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism

Faculty of Law, McGill University

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